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Artist and Designer, Danielle Aldea Hodgins is best known for her whimsical ideas, visionary works, colorful displays, and unique combination of creative disciplines. Born in the bountiful valleys of Central New York, Danielle Aldea was simultaneously exposed to organic habitat, urban ethos, scientific wonder, and artistic culture. Her natural creative spark ignited at an early age and was strongly encouraged by her loving, supportive family. As a child and adolescent she pursued many creative activities including drawing, painting, story writing, sewing, vocal music, instrumental music, and dance.


After graduating top in her high school class, Danielle Aldea chose to continue her studies at Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Science in Ithaca, New York. Through explorations in dance choreography, textiles and apparel, horticultural art, and landscape architecture, she earned a Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. 


Upon graduation, Danielle Aldea entered the local creative sector as a freelancer and dance instructor. In addition to sharing her creative knowledge with young artists, She assumed the role of recital production coordinator, organizing the costumes and scenic elements for annual dance concerts. With this new found natural ability for performance production, at the mercy of her innate inquisitiveness, and at the recommendation of her closest mentors, Danielle Aldea enrolled in Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts to study scenic and costume design.


Her studies at Syracuse University afforded Danielle Aldea professional hands on experience and academic training from leading masters of the performing arts discipline and culminated in a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Design and Technical Theater.


For several seasons following her Syracuse graduation, Danielle Aldea returned to the local creative sector freelancing as a set designer, costume designer, properties designer, painter, artist, and arts instructor. During this time, she assumed leadership of a local women’s clothing business and explored the realms of arts entrepreneurship, bringing her talent for costume design to the retail setting.


Masters of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Art with focus on Costume Construction and Mural painting from the University of Houston, and a Masters of Arts in Arts Leadership from the University of Houston


She currently resides in Houston, Texas and works locally and nationally


Danielle Aldea has designed, painted, sculpted, crafted, photographed, and collaborated under Aldea Art & Design since 2006, bringing colorful creativity to the stage, the wall, and the public view. Get in touch to find out more, and explore the site to see samples of previous work.

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