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I am a multidisciplinary creative, making interdisciplinary artworks, in trans-disciplinary settings. My artistic endeavors differ in media and purpose, but are connected in theme and style. Each project celebrates people, place, nature, and creative craft through the use of painterly technique, vibrant color, and artisan traditions. I continually investigate the power of imagination while emphasizing viewer experience. Drawing on scholarly training in painting, printmaking, sculpture, theatrical craft, music, and dance, I create art that enlivens spaces and entertains participants.


My art works are attentive to space and site, but not always site specific. The display space determines the visual shape of the work and often guides the conceptual ideals. In process, I locate a space, dream of the creative possibilities, and position the art with in the space.  Display and viewer perception is of great consideration with each piece. My studies and career work in scenic design have influenced this artistic process.


My art is fast and free, organic in methodology. I create art for art’s sake. Art because I love making. Art because I love creating. Art because I love to blend materials and conceptualize the results. The work is completed in the moment, letting the materials and media guide the final work. Stemming from the live nature of theatrical practice, concepts, motifs and materials may be repeated from one installation to the next, but no two renditions are ever the same. The works have an industrious nature, utilizing materials, spaces, and resources on hand.


My endeavors often value collaboration with other creative forces and conceptual minds. I believe that creative work in unity strengthens process, project, and self.  Collaboration with viewers and the installation space is of high consideration as well. Unity of all elements is important to my artistic style. Whether, it be fellow creatives, audiences, or passerbys, collaboration with those who will connect with my work in some way is essential to my artistic message.


In recent practice, I have featured works that reveal both my artistic beliefs and my designer’s eye. Collection and display are whimsically explored through light-hearted motifs, bereft of rough bitterness or deep sarcasm. Scale, pattern, texture, and balance are of high consideration in each of these works. Unique repetition of connected objects showcases underlying similarity yet magnifies individual difference, giving ode to the diverse, yet increasingly connected, beautiful coarseness of human expression.


I am a multidisciplinary creative, making interdisciplinary artworks, in trans-disciplinary settings. Stylistic affinity to whimsical display, consideration of space, fast organic process, and collaboration of all artistic components define my work. In collective unity... Think Big. Dream Bigger. Find happiness in the smallest moment.

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